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LT6220IS8 DataSheet

LT6220IS8 DataSheet

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–40°C to 85°C
8-Lead Plastic SO
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Linear Technology
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LT6220IS8 Features

■ Gain Bandwidth Product: 60MHz
■ Input Common Mode Range Includes Both Rails
■ Output Swings Rail-to-Rail
■ Low Quiescent Current: 1mA Max
■ Input Offset Voltage: 350μV Max
■ Input Bias Current: 150nA Max
■ Wide Supply Range: 2.2V to 12.6V
■ Large Output Current: 50mA Typ
■ Low Voltage Noise: 10nV√Hz Typ
■ Slew Rate: 20V/μs Typ
■ Common Mode Rejection: 102dB Typ
■ Power Supply Rejection: 105dB Typ
■ Open-Loop Gain: 100V/mV Typ
■ Operating Temperature Range: –40°C to 85°C
■ Single in the 8-Lead SO and 5-Lead Low Profile (1mm) ThinSOT™ Packages
■ Dual in the 8-Lead SO and (3mm × 3mm) DFN Packages
■ Quad in the 16-Lead SSOP Package

LT6220IS8 Applications

■ Low Voltage, High Frequency Signal Processing
■ Driving A/D Converters
■ Rail-to-Rail Buffer Amplifiers
■ Active Filters
■ Video Amplifiers
■ Fast Current Sensing Amplifiers

LT6220IS8 Description

The LT6220IS8 is single, low power, high speed rail-to-rail input and output operational amplifiers with excellent DC performance. The LT6220IS8 feature reduced supply current, lower input offset voltage, lower input bias current and higher DC gain than other devices with comparable bandwidth.

Typically, the LT6220IS8 have an input offset voltage of less than 100μV, an input bias current of less than 15nA and an open-loop gain of 100V/mV. The parts have an input range that includes both supply rails and an output that swings within 10mV of either supply rail to maximize the signal dynamic range in low supply applications.

The LT6220IS8 maintain performance for supplies from 2.2V to 12.6V and are specified at 3V, 5V and ±5V supplies. The inputs can be driven beyond the supplies without damage or phase reversal of the output.

The LT6220IS8 is housed in the 8-lead SO package with the standard op amp pinout as well as the 5-lead SOT-23 package. The LT6220IS8 can be used as plug-in replacements for many op amps to improve input/output range and performance.

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