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AD8370ARE-REEL7 DataSheet

AD8370ARE-REEL7 DataSheet

Part No.
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–40°C to +85°C
16-lead TSSOP_EP, 7” Tape and Reel
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2022-05-24 15:03:24
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AD8370ARE-REEL7 Features

Programmable low and high gain (<2 dB resolution)
  Low range: −11 dB to +17 dB
  High range: 6 dB to 34 dB
Differential input and output 
  200 Ω differential input 
  100 Ω differential output
7 dB noise figure @ maximum gain 
Two-tone IP3 of 35 dBm @ 70 MHz 
−3 dB bandwidth of 750 MHz
40 dB precision gain range
Serial 8-bit digital interface
Wide input dynamic range 
Power-down feature
Single 3 V to 5 V supply

AD8370ARE-REEL7 Applications

Differential ADC drivers
IF sampling receivers
RF/IF gain stages
Cable and video applications
SAW filter interfacing 
Single-ended-to-differential conversion

AD8370ARE-REEL7 Description

AD8370ARE-REEL7 is a low cost, digitally controlled, variable gain amplifier (VGA) that provides precision gain control, high IP3, and low noise figure. The excellent distortion performance and wide bandwidth make the AD8370 a suitable gain control device for modern receiver designs.

For wide input, dynamic range applications, the AD8370 provides two input ranges: high gain mode and low gain mode. A vernier, 7-bit, transconductance (gm) stage provides 28 dB of gain range at better than 2 dB resolution and 22 dB of gain range at better than 1 dB resolution. A second gain range, 17 dB higher than the first, can be selected to provide improved noise performance.

AD8370ARE-REEL7 is powered on by applying the appropriate logic level to the PWUP pin. When powered down, the AD8370 consumes less than 4 mA and offers excellent input to output isolation. The gain setting is preserved when operating in a power-down mode.

Gain control of the AD8370 is through a serial 8-bit gain control word. The MSB selects between the two gain ranges, and the remaining 7 bits adjust the overall gain in precise linear gain steps.

Fabricated on the ADI high speed XFCB process, the high bandwidth of the AD8370 provides high frequency and low distortion. The quiescent current of the AD8370 is 78 mA typically. The AD8370 amplifier comes in a compact, thermally enhanced 16-lead TSSOP package and operates over the temperature range of −40°C to +85°C.

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